Saturday, 18 February 2012

more progress

The dynamic duo are on form again and now working on the barn, hopefully soon to be lounge.
Neil has been pointing the wall and Keith has started to build the fireplace. We needed the hearth to be built so that we can stand the woodburner on top and connect up all the pipes for the central heating. Yes! I did say central heating - hurrah!!!!

The pink plasterboard is special fire retardant stuff, which has boxed in the right hand flight of stairs. The sides of the fireplace are being built up in stone and we have a large beam that will be the mantlepiece which will hopefully hide all that plasterboard!! We have some reclaimed bricks to go up to the ceiling.


  1. Wow! Next winter's not going to take you by surprise, is it!

    If the beam doesn't cover the plasterboard and you want it to look like a beam, then mix up some wet plaster and glue and scrape it on with a spatula, giving it a woggle or two to look like wood grain.
    Then, while it's still wet, paint it with walnut stain.
    You can put more coats of walnut on later ...but the first has to go on while the gunge is wet.

    We've done it...and it fooled the bods doing the woodwork examination when selling the place!

  2. Crikey you have done a lot. I am so impressed. Thankfully with the weather improving it will making work a lot more pleasant to do.
    I really felt sorry with you working outside with the horses this winter, your hands take such a hammering. I find I can only do so much with gloves on!!
    Take care and enjoy your Sunday. Diane xx

  3. Looks like things are starting to shape up. Hope everything goes up without a hitch.

  4. Thanks Helen - I have noted that for future reference!! You can't beat a bit of insider knowledge!
    Diane I must admit I did get a bit miserable with painful fingers and toes. Still, I will be stood in the sunshine being paid for topping up a water bucket with a hosepipe in the summer so I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth!!
    Horst - thank you and I did look at your photos the other day and was very, very impressed xxxx

  5. Looks like that's going to be one impressive fireplace. Great tip from Helen--I must remember that.

  6. Thank you, I really hope so - more pics to come soon I hope!!

  7. It is going to look lovely, and what a good tip from Helen. We are a long way behind you, but it is nice to see how other people are moving forward with getting their houses sorted out. Well done!

  8. thanks Vera, but I really don't think you are that far behind us, if at all!!


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