Sunday, 12 February 2012

Loo-ney Lenny

There was a bit of a feline commotion in the en-suite this morning and Lenny the cat (the scrounger on the chair on the right) flew onto the bed for a cuddle. As I started to stroke him I noticed he wasn't entirely dry.

Neil got up to investigate and pieced the story together - Lenny had obviously been sitting on the loo seat trying to knock a toilet roll onto the floor so that he could attack it (his favourite game) and fallen backwards into the loo......

Which leads me to conclude that despite respecting the environment we really must flush it every time.......


  1. We have to...the Alsatian regards the loo as his personal watering hole...and if you haven't bolted the door he'll have you off your feet as he rushes in at the sound of the flushing mechanism.
    More nervous guests wonder why he gets up from his bed on the porch and follows them to the loo door....

  2. I would close the lid but I hate the feeling when you back up to a loo in the pitch dark and then sit on wood when you are not expecting it, causing a 'jack in the box' reaction!!!!
    It's amazing how many animals have a flushing loo fixation!!! I can imagine an alsation would be a bit daunting!!

  3. Hi,found you via Fly's blog. One of our cats drinks from the toilet and we find little muddy prints on the seat.

  4. Hi there!! I hope they make a pretty pattern ;0) x

  5. Great that you have a flushing loo, (we are back to porta potties for a while), and I agree about the toilet seat....if the lid is down, then sitting on it when one is expecting a gap under one's botty can be quite a surprise, especially if one has left the loo visit until the last minute. But then there is the reverse, which is when the toilet seat has been left up. I think a bigger jolt is experienced as one feels one's posterior falling into the loo further than one would like it to!

  6. Thats true!! been there, done that lol!!! :0)


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