Friday, 9 July 2010

Bloody Marvellous

I know it's pathetic, and I don't know when I turned into such a saddo - but today I got excited about..........mowing!!!!

Our fields have got into a right old state this year - my friend who grazes her horses here has had good intentions to come and sort them out, but the weeds and bracken (never a good combination for horse paddocks) had gone mad and taken over so I took matters into my own hands.

Cue the quad-X.

Cue the Bracken


I think it's brilliant. I want one. I'm not giving it back.
OK, I'll shut up now.


  1. I felt a bit like that when we bought our sit on mower last year. It's a great feeling. That looks even more exciting though. Diane

  2. Roz it seems like a life time ago, but is probably less then two weeks. My camera just started producing wriggly lines and started rolling. Still doing it! Thankfully it is still under guarantee. Nigel arrives on Tuesday, so I will have his and then he will have to have mine, when they hopefully sort it out. It really is a pain but... Diane

  3. Oh wow! What an absolutely marvelous contraption. Thinking dock weeds and all things not edible by our flock, pigs or your friend's horses. Thanks for the mention in your previous blog - have just caught up with it. The Tams are stupendous creatures. Very interesting. Recycle everything we eat, so no wastage at all. But friends down the road have Vietnamese Pot Belly pigs, which are smaller, and most people don't eat them. Our Tams have been 'intimate' over the last day two days, so baby piglets possible on the way! Glad you are back, but also that you have a fab time in London.

  4. It's a shame you are so far away Vera, or I would be sorely tempted to purchase one of your Tam piglets........maybe I need a holiday......ummm.......
    It's fab fly isn't it!

  5. Actually the Tam lady was purchased from the Charente, which is six hours away. Always pleased to see visitors!

  6. I will bear that in mind! ;o)


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