Monday, 19 July 2010

The Latest Arrivals

After a very frantic day of organising on Saturday, yesterday we went and picked up the latest additions to the what I suppose could now be called our smallholding - two cul noir pigs.
Cul noir are a local Limousin breed which roughly translates to 'Black Arse'. Apparently they are a slow growing breed with good tasting meat and rather importantly for first timers, a good temperament. Sat next to me I have what is supposed to be a bit of a pig keepers bible "Starting with Pigs" by Andy Case,so I have some reading to do.

My one is the black one and they are 3 months old. The aim is to keep them for roughly six months before we will have to buy new freezers to put them in!


  1. Worst thing about pigs is how friendly they are...

  2. Do you think you will be able to do the trip to the freezer Vera? Just don't make pets of them:) Diane

  3. Sorry dreaming I said Vera and I meant Roz. Two many bloggers with Pigs!! Diane

  4. I hope both of us will cope with the nasty bit at the end. One thing is for sure though - they are going to have a very spoilt existance before they go - Neil is cooking too much food just so they get some left overs already!!!

  5. Just caught up with your news. Piggies! What great news. Cul Noir are the French equivalent to Tamworths, but easier to find here than Tams. Both are slow growers, and have the best flavoured meat than other types. And I have to cook for them as well. Am looking forward to reading how you get on with them. And welcome to world of smallholding. Lots of work, but a grand way of life once you get used to it.

  6. Thanks Vera - I was getting lots of advice from our local farmer earlier today which I am sure will prove useful!


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