Thursday, 8 July 2010

Happy to be home

I had a really good weekend in the UK, It was lovely to see old friends and to spend a day in London. I am not a 'townie' at all, but London is an amazing city - we sped through it on the Thames on a RIB (rigid inflatable speedboat) and once we had passed underneath Tower Bridge the driver let rip and we were hammering along the river waving at everyone along the banks in posh bars and flats screaming along to cheesy 'Top Gun' music and enjoying the cooling spray of the water.

Even after such a short time I was glad to be going home, and very quickly it felt like I had never been away.
The chicks seemed to have shot up even after those few days and Monday the second clutch should be hatching. The field has been totally overrun with head height weeds, so some friends have lent me a cutter that you drag behind a quad that amazingly has transformed the half I managed to cut. Hopefully the sun will wilt all the dreaded cut bracken.

A local farmer has cut our other field for hay and he said it really needs turning over and some crop rotation or something. I am seriously thinking about getting pigs, Vera whose blog (http://vera-labartere.blogspot.com/) is very pig orientated at the moment is whetting my appetite (in more ways than one!).
They say pigs are the perfect smallholders animal, as they plough your land whilst fertilising it and then you get to eat the plough. Not sure about the last bit yet but I think it could work for our land.

For now though, the weeds are taking over and tomorrow I need to get out there with some marigolds and wage some war!!


  1. Great to have you back, hopefully now with camera and telephone line:-)

    Looking forward to catching up with all your news. I agree Vera's pigs sound delightful. We have not enough space sadly. Diane

  2. That ride down the Thames looks great!

  3. Thanks Diane, I have borrowed a camera - I wanted to buy one but the one I wanted had sold out, but at least I can snap away again!
    Helen - it was really good and on the way back we stopped at all the main sights for a historical talk which was really interesting too.


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