Thursday, 22 July 2010


I hate to say it but I have just taken a bit of satisfaction in my piglets having just had a shock off the electric fence, for no other reason than at least now I know it works and can leave the house without worrying about escapees.

I did a double take when I got home today as they were happily grazing in with the chickens in the pen next door to their pig run. They had sniffed out the weak spot in the fencing - which was a section that I hadn't fenced permanently in case I wanted to get the digger in to dig them a wallow. Now I am wishing I hadn't been so thoughtful. I have always heard that pigs are escapologists - but they worked out our weak spot sooner than I had imagined.

My farmer neighbour has offered to lend me a big pig ark (or cabin as he calls it), So I need to get on with fencing the land across the road and making sure it is completely pig proof.

Neil has gone off back to the UK today to attend the stag do that he has organised for our dear friend Warney. They have called it the 'Stagger', and are walking in the Cotswolds (between pubs) in a male bonding exercise.
If I know Neil I will probably get a call from a hedge somewhere when he is lost and covered in blisters.
That or he won't actually leave the pub they are starting from.
God help Gloucestershire!


  1. Years ago we were out with our little dog and dropped in on the German up the road.
    He had just bought two pigs and had them firmly behind electric fencing.
    Dog, nosy as ever, approached, and got a shock that sent him off into the undergrowth.
    Ever after, any encounter with a pig had him retreating backwards at a rate of knots...obviously thought that pigs had some magic power...

  2. Tess has had a few shocks from electric fences and squeals like a banshee every time, mind you so does Neil when he forgets the fence is on and gets a zap!!

  3. and to think we lived behind electric fencing and gates in S.Africa!!!!! Not to keep us in, but to keep intruders out.

    Thanks Roz for the recipe, I will let you know how it goes when I make it.

    Hope Neil does not find too many nettles in the hedge:) Diane

  4. I hope you enjoy it Diane :) x

  5. We have managed to contain our Tamworths, mostly because Lester has double fenced them: one fence of concreted in fence posts and pig wire, and then a second internal fence of electric. So far, so good. Hope you manage to keep your little ones in. Hope Neil manages to keep reasonably upright on his boys jolly and not end up comatose in a hedge.

  6. Yes, I think electricity is the key Vera!!


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