Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Arrivals

The hens have been busy trying to re-stock our flock. Two hens dutifully went broody and today we have had 5 chicks hatch (so far) - I think mother hen was sitting on seven eggs but as she is rather fiesty I am leaving her to her own devices. I did mangage to take these pics though

The last clutch were born 24 days ago and are looking good and strong - amazing how they grow...

After the fox massacred several of my flock I sent the remaining duck to live a hopefully fox-free existance with a friend of mine and the hens have been penned in for some time now. Hopefully with the field cut the fox will have less places to hide and they might be able to be totally free range again sometime soon.


  1. They are so cute. I hope the fox stays away! Diane

  2. What super pics...they look so gorgeous!

  3. Aw babies! I wanted chickens as our first animals here, but somehow they look like being the last of our additions, mainly because we need to be fenced to stop them from wandering off down the lane or out onto the main road. But am so looking forward to having a flock. But, a couple of nights ago a fox started barking in the middle of the night nearby, probably on our land, so after reading about your disaster we will have to make sure they have good protection. Aw, but lovely piccies of the babes!

  4. they are cute and gorgeous - and then after about a month they look like some kind of raptor for a while until they grow up a bit.
    Chickens are lovely animals to have, with real characters.We try not to name them now though!


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