Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring is in the air

I noticed the first swallow flying around this morning and all the blossom and spring flowers are looking amazing. The sun came out today after a few miserable days - it really lifts your mood.

Today one of my jobs at work was to give stallion Ugo a bit of a spruce up. Ugo is the stallion I normally refer to as 'little shit' as he can be so temperamental. He is coming up to three years old now and maturing into a fine looking beast.

After his shower he went under the heat lamps to dry off. I could do with some of these myself!!

We are in a state of high excitement as these two are due to foal any day now (well the 7th, but technically it could be at any time) so we have been making sure the foaling boxes are ready for action

Here is Judith making sure that this one is suitably comfortable

I nearly had a dicky fit this morning when I walked out of my house this morning and noticed Lenny in his new viewpoint - can you spot him?!!!


  1. I think you print these horsey posts just to make me jealous :-) Still not time for the computer just looking through the few important blogs. Diane

  2. I'm flattered you consider me an important blog!! Anyway I can acquire a spare hat and gear so just get yourself over!!!!

  3. ASAP, think until after Easter I am going to be flat out. Will tell you more when I have time. Diane

  4. Hope the foals arrive safe and well. It is lovely to have little ones around, sort of makes the rhythm of life seem magical. Wish that would apply to our two adult Tamworth pigs though!

  5. Those Tamworths are slacking Vera! Have you mention the B word to them?!!!!!


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