Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Here are some pics of progress on the workshop. Neil has been working like a man possessed, even more so now that the clocks changing has given us an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day.
Last friday I took a pint of beer out and demanded that he downed tools as it was dark and we had been invited out that evening.

It's a big structure and the roof design is continually giving Neil sleepless nights - it's a very large span and we've had a lot of advice, but every time Neil has a fixed idea of what he is doing someone comes along with another idea or suggestion that throws a spanner in the works.

He finally has a plan now that he is going to have to get on with as the roof needs to go on soon.

In the garden every time you turn around the grass has grown another 5 inches and I have begun to wage war with the nettles that grow everywhere around the land. Apart from using some for nettle fertiliser I am going to nuke them all with something that is probably terrible for the environment, but it has to be done. For once it would be nice to get on top of things in the garden, but hey - it's Spring - we all start with good intentions don't we!


  1. You need Nigel there to give you even more advice re the roof !!!! I know what it is like, everyone has different ideas. Nigel is a QS and would probably come up with a good plan but he is not an engineer. He only arrives 15 April, by then I guess Neil will have everything ordered. I am back in blogland after a break but time will limit how much actually gets blogged!! Looking forward to that ride after Nigel returns in May :-) Diane

  2. This post got Danilo, who looks after the coffee, very enthusiastic.

    He, like Mr. Fly, is a shed fanatic.....so this rainy season they will be walling in under the balcony to make a 'proper shed'....only this means getting the drains sorted and the concrete laid and they are just off to town, full of enthusiasm, to buy materials.
    They've been wanting to do this for some time....but laying a concrete entrance road took priority.

    My noises of surprise at their speed of decision were overcome with the unanswerable remark

    'Well, the roof's already there....'

  3. looking forward to it too Diane and we should have our foals by then at work! I hope all is ok with Nigel and family.
    Helen - what is it about men and sheds?!!! Still, the men being in a shed should give you some peace and quiet once it is built!

  4. He really can't wait to get his space finished!

  5. He certainly needs it Jan!


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