Saturday, 9 April 2011

Symphonie Equestre

Last night I was treated by Dutch bird and my boss to a night out at the Zenith (concert venue) in Limoges to see the 'Symphonie Equestre' a colourful and interesting blend of dressage, dancers and an orchestra. I have found a video on You Tube so that you can see, not great quality but the official video had adverts on that I couldn't be bothered to sit through...

There were some wonderful horses, and although not at quite the level of the Spanish Riding School or the Cadre Noir I really enjoyed it.

It's quite an experience when we (rarely) get out in the evenings and see that there is a bit of 'life' in this region. Driving through our local villages at night it is like the Marie Celeste - deserted after 7pm at night. People at the stadium had mobile phones and everything!!!!


  1. That looks fun!

    I've been trying to find a decent video clip of the topes - the horse parades - that are held here...and I do mean decent!
    Most of the photographers concentrate more on the girls on the floats than on the horses...who perform the most superb high school paces.

    Know what you man about the Marie Celeste villages!
    It's taken me ages to get over being surprised by lights and movement after 7pm!

  2. I would love to see that when you find a decent clip - although as I think I have real Costa Rica envy, perhaps its not a good idea I view it!!


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