Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Plus Two, Minus One....

A week on from the last blog and we have two new arrivals. The second to arrive was (predictably, and to celebrate the Royal wedding) called William, luckily for him born a colt

The third, who I was lucky enough to see being born is another filly - called Belle. Her arrival was particularly exciting as she is the offspring of our stallion Tom, and therefore a really special addition to the stud. She is very leggy!!

The horse walker is coming on, Neil has now changed his wood supplier as he has been waiting so long for his order (he ordered all his wood on Feb 14th) So he is hoping to get this finished and move back onto the roof for the workshop.

Our young stallion Ugo has been away at the National Stud in Limoges having a bit of training from their handlers, which sounds like it involves either a paddle of wood or a piece of thick hose pipe to gain a bit of respect from the youngsters. My boss asked the head horseman there if he liked our stallion "With chips, yes" was his reply.

Sadly we lost one of our yearlings a couple of days ago. He was a lovely chestnut colt called Alfie. He developed severe colic and after a night of struggling to control it with the local farm vet my boss took him down to the specialist vet hospital in Bordeaux. They operated on him and found he had a twisted gut, which they removed along with a large section of intestine. After a few days though he got an infection and although there was a chance to save him with another operation (albeit only a 3% chance) it was decided it was kinder to put him down. Such a shame for such a lovely character.


  1. You mean William could have been 'a boy named...Kate'?

    So sorry about Alfie, you get so attached to them.

    And just how am I going to explain the horse walker! I bet someone thinks it's a miniature bull ring...

  2. The first foal born this year was called Katie (Katherine - actually I am so out of touch with the wedding I have no idea if it's Katherine or Catherine), and you are right about the horse walker - it does look a bit bull ringish, wouldn't be much sport for the matadors though!!
    We are all gutted about Alfie, but I am glad he was still at the hospital. It would have been even more traumatic had he been at home I think.

  3. How sad about Alfie, I know these things do happen but one never gets used to it. The new members of the family look great. I am still looking forward to my visit but it will not be until Nigel returns to the UK. Then I will only have a couple of weeks before I go back for FIL's 90th ! Where does the time go to???? Diane

  4. Animals do seem to be able to place themselves in our hearts, don't they. But glad that little Alfie was spared more ops.

  5. Look forward to it Diane, hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather with Nigel.
    Absolutely Vera. There wasn't really a choice for poor Alfie.


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