Friday, 20 May 2011

The end is nigh !

As promised the final installment from my good self !

The weather has been absolutely superb and temperatures have not fallen below 25 degrees, the girls have spent most days in the pool and completing there "animal" tasks - putting chickens away, feeding them, collecting eggs and grooming horses.

The pool is still yet to warm up to a comfortable temperature despite the new "solar cover " arriving.

Tuesday night was spent at the vallos which was different to say the least and a party never to be forgotten ! Moving on ive spent the past two days strimming, cutting grass, moving wood, painting / treating wood and visiting the recyling unit !! Tess seems to be struggling with the heat but is more than happy to run around the loop once cooler.

Today is sadly our last day here and we may venture out to a beach / lake but the girls appear to be stuck on there "ipod touches" and getting them dressed and out may prove a greater task than i am upto.

Yestrday we ventured into chalus (me and becky) and again managed to get the required goods from the supermarche, it was also pointed out to me that the skinned cat in the meat counter was in fact a rabbit - my French is not all that good and i was told "look it says Lapin" to which i hung my english head in shame and replied "of course it is".....how stupid did i feel !

We then attemted to find the local Tabac and after spending 40 minutes amazed at the self flushing self locking toilette we found the shop we were looking for.......oh no that'll be the locksmiths ! I again hang my head in shame as becky clearly pointed out all the blank keys hung around and the French owner looked at me in a very confused way whilst asking for Marlborough lights (in a french accent - i do try).

Once home and i had recovered from the trauma of our outing, i cut all the bracken down with the strimmer and appeared quite pink and sweaty from the blazing afternoon heat - im also sensible.......or not as the case may be.

We then had unexpected visitors.....my heart was racing .....what if theyre French....what will i say?? I then let out a huge sigh of relief as i recognised the couple to be Fred and Pat (although i called him Sam for most of his time here) several beers later our good friends Ian and Jude arrived with more wine and beer.

As we were having beef burgers for dinner i asked how the the best way was to cook them - jude Frying pan Ian on the BBQ so the next hour and a half was spent making a fire on the rusty BBQ (you really need a new one Rozzy)! this was after spending an hour chopping the kindling but as all good men do the fire started and a further hour later the burgers were cooked and two very hungry girls polished them off albeit nearly three hours after we said dinner was on the way........Frying pan the next time !

A few more pictures should appear below and then its over to the girls for there thoughts,views and tales from the Haute vienne, its been a pleasure writing this and i hope you have all enjoyed reading my nonsense.

(I apologise for my huge gaps/spaces as i was only given a ten second intro to this im not sure what ive done wrong)

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  1. I knew you would be sorry when Roz and Neil returned but glad to hear all was well and you had a good time. Does it matter what name you are called by if you are having a beer, me thinks not! Diane


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