Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mrs Mop (not)

I have escaped onto the computer to do the blog as a tactical avoidance.
Neils' Mum is coming to stay this week and we are trying to clean and tidy the house.

I have the same attitude to cleaning that Ryanair have to their customers. I know it is there but I have absolutely no interest in doing anything that would make life easier. I detest cleaning the shower, and suspect that doing it a tad more frequently than bi-annually (or when it looks really scuzzy or when people are coming) would help matters - but why anyone would want to spend time doing something so boring when there are a million and one more interesting things to do is beyond me...

Anyway, on to more interesting matters. I had a phone call this morning from Dutch Bird - "Put on the Kettle - I'll be with you in five minutes" says she.. turns out she had been to get the bread this morning and chosen a greener method of transport. Ahhhh....

I have been scouring the forums on line (avoiding that housework again) to find a replacement collie for Keith and Margaret. Keith has been pining for another dog since they lost old Tess a while ago, but Margaret was a bit more unsure that she could replace her old friend (well, its not replacing but you know what I mean).
Still when I found an advert that fitted the bill it didn't take too much persuading to get her to consider a new addition and guess what - they ended up rehoming two!!!

Here are Keith and Mags with Belle and Badger

Mags and Badger

Of course as chief instigator I had to go and view the puppies with them, and how I ended up coming home without one is still a mystery to me. They did all have prospective homes which helped, but still, I could have stuffed one in my pocket....

Lastly a short clip of the latest foal at work trying to bend her legs to reach the grass. Not easy when they are so long!!


  1. I would be more than happy with that form of transport as a daily way of travel :-) The puppies are cute.
    Hope you manage to get out of all the cleaning and Neil is good at it LOL. Diane

  2. Forgot to say the video is cute though with my connection it plays in bits and pieces!!! Those legs really do get in the way! Diane

  3. The fresians look fabulous don't they - I am missing them at the moment as we are resting the field as it is bare after the winter. The puppies are adorable and so is Belle. Hopefully you will see her before too long xxx

  4. Ah that foal looks so cute. His neck needs to be a bit longer! Cleaning? What is that?

  5. Oh, thanks Jan - that does make me feel better!!xx

  6. I did post up a previous response, but I think I deleted it, so here goes again:
    I have been frequently known to have a hissy fit when having to do housework, and Lester knows full well that it is in his best interest to keep clear of me when I am in this frame of mind! And I would like a pony and cart, but that will have to be in another life time. And I have to bend my legs too when I have to bend forward!

  7. Well, in our case it does save the back doesn't it Vera!!!!!xx


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