Friday, 20 May 2011

Non-stop sunny days & memorable moments:D

Hello, I'm Chloe:)

Even though I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning on Friday, this holiday has made it all worth while. Well after all the stress on Thursday night trying to get our bags packed and get all sorted for the flight, it didn't turn out good when we arrived at the airport. Jason probably already explained that the bags were over the limit. We finally got to france and it was lovely and sunny.

On Monday we went to Margaret and Keiths for a BBQ, Keith BBQ'd some delicious pork chops, AKA BB and Rasher (poor pigs). They also have some beautiful puppies called Belle and Badger. I had a nice cuddle with them both. Tuesday, we went to Lisa and Marcus' house I made good freinds with her daughter Yssi and son Connor also made friends with his freind Ben, we all played on Connor's Xbox. Later on that night Connor and Becky played a game of Call Of Duty on PS3, Becky won I think Connor was a bit embarresed as he lost against a girl.

Wednesday we just relaxed, we went in the swimming pool and sunbathed we did the same Thursday. And today so far it's been quite good, we will be making French cookies and Google translating the ingrediants as we don't understand a word, also i will be getting in the swimming pool. I have thoroughly enjoyed my holiday in France and would love to come again:)

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