Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happy with Appie!!

Its been a long time since I last posted - but this time of year is particularly manic and being on horse sitting duties, having visitors and work commitments hasn't left me much time to sit at the computer.
Firstly a workshop update. the beams and purlins are in and hopefully the roof will follow soon

Neil and Keith have almost finished the horsewalker which is just awaiting the grill between the upright posts and permission to come through so that it can have a roof.

Beryl, Neils' mum came for a visit, and we went to a beautiful village just into the Dordogne from here called St Jean de Cole - where they were having a flower fete.

Lenny had his first birthday, a bit of a momentous occasion if only for me - someone told me that if a cat reaches it's first birthday without being squashed on the road there was a good chance it would remain a bit streetwise. After Tam being killed it became a bit of a milestone, and although there are never any guarantees I am going to stop jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof every time I hear a car pass.
He celebrated his birthday with a tin of tuna. Much to Tess's disgust.

By far the most exciting thing I have to tell you is that I am buying a young fresian horse for myself. Working with and being surrounded by horses has re-ignited my interest in riding and although I have been so lucky to have had horses and riding on tap, having my own land and stables it seems crazy not to have one of my own. Its just not the same riding someone elses. So I have bought one of Dutch Birds' yearlings. A little colt called Appie. I will get to know him and break him in when he is three. Here are some pics.

On the day he was born

His sire

Here is Appie with his field companion and meeting Beryl.

Here for your entertainment is a bit of video of Badger - Keith and Mags's pup trying to get Tess's dinner

Next week we are off for a much needed holiday - off to visit my Mum and Dad in Wales. Our friends Jason and Mel have arrived to hold the fort here - so hopefully Jason will do the blog while we are away and let us all know how they are getting on!!


  1. I am so jealous, I have not owned a horse of my own for almost 30 years and I still miss not having them around. I am looking forward to meeting Appie.

    The workshop and the horse walker are looking good. Love the pictures of the trip to the Dordogne.

    Have a good trip back to the UK. It looks like I will have visitors for almost the whole of June so it seems like we will have to meet up early July! Nigel arrives 13 July. Just not enough hours in the day or days in the week!! Take care Diane xx

  2. Thanks Diane - Appie is an exciting addition, I never thought I would get another horse, still can't quite believe it!!! :0)

  3. I am so pleased that you have a horse of your own again, and I look forward to following Appie's progress. Hope you have a lovely holiday, and return here to France refreshed and invigorated!

  4. thanks Vera - and I am hoping to get time to catch up on everybodys blogs too!!!xxx

  5. Enjoy your holiday..sounds like you both need one!

    Appie took me back years to having my own horses...I've seen some beauties here, but I think that time has passed, more's the pity.

    Neighbours here are quite intrigued by the Friesians, so we spend a bit of time looking at European breeds on the internet and I'm looking for a good clip of the Cadre Noir...so if you ever come across one...

    The video clip had me laughing so much...so quintessential puppy!

  6. I like a challenge - I found one on you tube, have a look at
    I'll keep on looking for an even better one though!!xx


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