Friday, 4 December 2009

Duck protest

I am taking it that this is a duck protest at the slaughter of its siblings. The two younger ducks have been staging a roof protest all morning. Either that or they are showing off their flying skills. They are getting braver by the day.

I am having a five minute break as todays job is wiring up the sockets in the kitchen, which is the most fiddly job you can imagine. I said to Neil that there must be an easy way of doing it, to which he replied "There is, employ an electrician". He's right but I won't be beaten by the blasted things.

Tam continues her/his evil conieval antics - yesterday he/she jumped onto the pipe at the back of the woodburner before realising it was boiling hot and then ran over the top of the woodburner. I was sure it would have burnt pads but it seems unscathed today thank goodness.

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