Thursday, 3 December 2009

Oven ready

The ducks and geese came back in plastic bags today, and although I guess it is a bit of a cop out not slaughtering them ourselves I think I will find it a lot easier to enjoy eating them this way. At least we know that they have had a fantastic life with much more freedom than most animals will ever experience.
As a result of that a lot of our garden is suffering, and I keep coming out of the house to find the ducks chomping on the plants on the doorstep. The chickens seem to like the challenge of getting through the front door and into the house, until they are stopped in their tracks by Tess, who is now bored of herding them out again.
When (if) we ever have any spare money I think we need to try to properly fence the house and garden so that they are directed immediately into the field and they can do what they like in there.
Today we have been working on the kitchen, which is coming together but still a long way off being completed. Neil is a bit of perfectionist and was driven crazy by the fact that the thumb latch I fitted on the door didn't just slide shut without being lifted. I am quite happy just with the fact we now have a door, but little things seem to drive Neil mad.
We are hoping to get out on the horses tomorrow, hopefully meeting a friend french Virginie - who is completely mad but a french tutor, so I always get a bit of a free french lesson - which is not to be sniffed at. Lets hope for a dry day but the meteo looks terrible.


  1. You might consider letting the ducks loose among the daffs...ours chomp the leaf tips and the flavour of the eggs is wonderful.
    Now let someone tell me how poisonous daffs are and I'll reply that it killed neither us nor the ducks.

  2. Really? daffs make a difference to the flavour of the eggs? maybe I won't shut off the garden just yet then!


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