Friday, 11 December 2009

Tango with Tam

I'm a bit of a fan of strictly come dancing, not the dancing itself really, but more the journey the celebrities take whilst learning this new skill. I was doing a bit of an argentine tango myself this morning, flicking my legs up and around - if only to avoid the kitten who was wrestling with them whilst pleading for some breakfast.

We used a small radiator in the bedroom last night, deciding to hang the expense. We are getting fed up with the top duvet being damp to touch and its only December.
I wanted a relaxing bath the other night and our friend Alan had suggested we use his huge gas burner to warm up the place. We have been a bit scared of said burner, as it looks a bit like a jet engine and we were worried about burning the house down, but Neil fired it up and pointed it into the bathroom. Very well it worked I must say, although I did nearly burn my arse when I sat on the wooden toilet seat having got out of the bath some time later. It was almost worth the third degree burns.

The ducks are still protesting the demise of their siblings. I came downstairs yesterday to find a very large and wet pile of duck poo in the hall, and as I fed the horses a duck ran very loudly across the tin roof spooking them. It could just be me but I am sure it's a conspiracy.


  1. The curse of the ducks...and duck poo is really something.

    as to the recipe....Madeleine prepared a reduction of red wine, prunes, dried tangerine peel and thyme and when the duck legs were half cooked, she took them off, put them in a casserole and cooked them straight away in the same oven in which she was continuing to roast the duck breasts.

  2. Thanks for that - it sounds really good and I will definately try it xx

  3. Can identify with the damp sheets problem. Yuk! My most disliked activity is clambering into dampness. No fires on most times during the day. But fire on, aimed at the bed, before I will ever get into it. But a small electric fan heater works for us, caravans being quicker to heat than houses.
    I had a home raised duck donated by a friend a few months ago. Couldn't cook it (it was without life by the way!) because caravan oven not big enough. Donated it to French neighbour. They invited us back for dinner to eat it. It was as yours was. Tough. I think I am still picking the bits of meat from out of me teeth!


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