Friday, 18 December 2009

Snowy Surrey

Having left the house/ducks/chickens/cats being looked after with military precision we sleepily climbed into our new (to us, unfortunately not brand new) van for the dreaded haul up the country for a Christmas UK visit. I was very excited about Tess's first cross channel trip and at the start she seemed happy enough. This all changed after a few hours on the auto-route when she started looking a bit freaked out by the traffic, aircraft and flyovers that were whizzing past the window and she started shaking.
It was bloody freezing in the van, as we had little protection from the icy temperatures outside, so I wrapped her in a scarf and Neils jacket (she being the more important passenger) but was disappointed when the shaking continued and I started to feel a bit guilty for taking our country bumpkin collie on such an ordeal.

Now she is here she is loving all the attention and the long walks she is getting far more regularly than she is used to. It is snowing here and she has been running flat out scooping her nose through the snow before diving into it and rolling. She is also meeting far more dogs than normal and loving the interaction, so we have been talking about possibly getting her a playmate. Watch this space!!


  1. Hope you and she have a super christmas....coming back with two collies?

  2. wishing you the same as fly in the web - hope you have a lovely Christmas and that Tess enjoys joyous romps in the snow, that is if the snow stays put long enough!


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