Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Goodbye Crispy and Bombay

Tonight our eldest ducks Crispy and Bombay are going off to the big duck pond in the sky and then coming back in an edible, oven ready format. They have had all summer quacking, swimming and a large percentage of time bullying the hens and so we have decided to let them go. Neil is positively drooling at the thought of roast duck and I have accepted that it's got to be done. This is helped considerably by the fact that we are not the grim reapers and that someone locally is doing the deed. We are also taking our Christmas goose, which has been residing at the home of a good friend growing in time for the festivities.
We have decided that we will take it back to blighty in frozen form, and although Neil is concerned about the bird flu regulations I have assured him that in frozen format it is unlikely to sneeze and give us away. As our family are all looking forward to a Christmas goose I feel it is a risk worth taking.
Our place has grown into something of a smallholding. We started off with a cat at our little house, but mostly (in fact totally) down to me this has now grown to two cats, a dog and twenty chickens and ducks. I must put a stop to my endless desire for little fluffy squeeky things that turn into lumbering great animals with endless appetites. Well, until Spring comes anyway!

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