Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My new blog

I have been leading a secret double blogging life for some time. We were asked to write a blog for someone who lives in the village and has a business website and have been doing so for a quite a while just one day a week. We quite enjoyed 'doing' the blog, but found it quite a tie doing it on a set day and so I decided to start my own blog by way of a diary.
I found this a much more enjoyable way to write, when the mood took me and when I thought of something to say, but I have not 'spread the word' to family and friends of my blog as it did feel, rather ridiculously bearing in mind its content, like it was a bit private.
I have decided to knock the first blog on the head and so this will become my premiere blog! New Year and new start. Well nearly.... we've got to get Christmas over with first and the adverts have started already. I'm enjoying them at the moment but come Christmas I will be fed up to the back teeth of hearing jangly bells.
If you are having trouble sleeping and would like to read a bit of the old blog it can be found at http://rozahol.expat-blog.net/

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  1. Hi Roz

    Much better blog layout, and look forward to reading your words in the future.


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