Monday, 7 December 2009

Roast Duck

Neil has just gone off to stand in a field fitting a door onto a hangar he has built for someone and the heavens have opened. The velux above my head is being battered with rain and I am sure he has forgotten to take his coat. It will be yet another example of forces beyond his control conspiring to make his life as difficult as possible and I can almost guarantee that in the middle of the field not far from here there will be a great deal of muttering and swearing going on.
This will be all the worse because he has a bit of a sore head after partaking of several glasses of wine that helped the roast duck go down. The meat was slightly on the tough side (we ate the legs) which could be due to the fact they were always waddling around the garden or maybe just because we need to learn how to cook duck properly.
We were treated to a meal in a French restaurant near Toulouse once that specialised in duck, and it was served in almost a raw state (apparently you can't get salmanella with duck) so maybe we just cooked it too much.
If anyone has any handy duck recipes please let me know as there is still rather a lot to cook!!


  1. Madeleine had a recipe where she half roasted the duck, then took off the legs to make a sort of casserole for another day and continued to roast the breast...I'll have a rummage and see if I can find it.


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