Monday, 15 August 2011

Another week has gone by at breakneck speed - Neil has spent much of it holed up in the workshop sorting out electric and phone cables and putting in lots of studding so that he can insulate and board. The wall outside is coming on, and Neil is hoping to crack on with the rendering for the rest of it soon.
He is out there at the moment insulating the roof - a job he detests, and the insulation he is using is making him itch and sore - but at the price he got it for he decided it was worth the hassle of installing it.

We had some visitors of the weekend - some friends from Gloucestershire in the most well equipped Land Rover I have ever seen. I think they could cope with any eventuality with this beast - although the biggest problem they have encountered so far is to find a campsite on the coast that is not full - peak season in France = no room at the inn, but they had a day relaxing and having a splosh in the pool before heading off towards mountains in the South.

On Sunday Dutch Bird invited us and many, many other people for a barbeque to celebrate her daughters' fourth birthday. Unluckily for a young cow, but luckily for us one of her beasts had broken a leg and so this fed us and the party of about forty without any problem!! Neil looked like desperate Dan tucking into the beef.

Judith was telling me this morning that her elderly neighbour had given her a begonia cutting some time back and had enquired how it was growing.
Unfortunately the cutting had died, and when the neighbour heard this she went off and thought about it, and then the next time she saw Judith she said the reason the cutting must have died was because there weren't any catholics living in her house!! Work that one out!!!!

Lastly thanks to everyone who has left comments or contacted regarding our friend in intensive care - he is making a good recovery and we look forward to speaking to him soon xx


  1. Glad your friend is recovering....Neil could enjoy Cow Pie with a clear conscience...

  2. thank you and yes - you can see Neil was enjoying it!!

  3. That Land Rover reminds me of our days of having camping holidays in our camping van. For some reason I always took far more than was needed, which took hours of patience on Lester's part as he tried to find room to stash it all away in the van! Workroom looks great, and must be approaching the the same size as our Half Barn! Glad that your friend is doing OK.

  4. Pleased to hear that your friend is doing well. Good that you may be able to talk to him quite soon.
    Insulation, ugh, I also hate it!!
    See you Thursday if I get the directions LOL Take care Diane

  5. email on its way Diane!!!xxxx


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