Monday, 8 August 2011

Here is the horsewalker - finished and in use, a great relief to Neil who is desperate to get on with our house as we are heading towards winter.

We went to a French/Dutch version of banger racing on Saturday - our friend the French farmer 'souped up' his grandfathers old car and went flying round a field over jumps and around a lake - it all looked like fun and apart from a touch of whiplash and some seatbelt bruising escaped pratically unscathed

It looks quite mad and we all fancied having a go ourselves next year!

Sunday we went to a meal organised by the local chasse as part of a fishing competition, it was our first real chance to try sangliere (wild boar) - which was really tasty.

Although it all looks like fun, it has been difficult to enjoy anything for very long this weekend. We found out on Friday that a friend of ours is in Intensive Care in hospital in the UK. We don't know if he will recover, but our love and best wishes go to him and we hope to hear some positive news soon.


  1. Best wishes for your friend....things like that make everything else seem pointless.

  2. Sorry to hear about you friend. I have had 2 shocks from friends in S.Africa in the past week!
    Think I would rather watch the car racing from a distance!
    The horse walker looks fantastic, Neil has dine a magnificent job. Take care. Diane xx

  3. Oh dear Diane,hope you are ok.
    Thanks re the horsewalker, I have been wood treating it today and am now a lovely shade of dark brown - guess it beats st tropez fake tan!!!

  4. Gosh, that horse walker looks a terribly efficient bit of kit! Don't think we will join in with the car racing though! It looks bit rough! And sorry to hear about your friend, and hope your friend pulls through.

  5. It is efficient Vera - although one of the horses worked out this morning that you only have to push on the rear gate to slow it down to whatever walk pace you want - rather than bother with an active pace!! They are not daft these nags!!!


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