Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The other day I was chatting with some friends and we were talking about how the longer you live here the more you get used to living without many of the supermarket items we are used to in the UK.

A lot of them can be purchased in the British aisle of the local Intermarche, albeit at a hugely inflated price, but we choose to live without them or take advantage of the kind offers from friends returning with space in their cars or suitcases.

Sometimes though, you really fancy a taste from home. The other day someone was talking about Cornish pasties. Oh! how I fancied one. So not to miss out I found a recipe and voila!! what do you think? They tasted great and didn't last very long!!!

Keith has finished the stonework today - doesn't it look great?!! Give that man a pastie!!!


  1. Now you're talking girl! Pasties are one of lifes treasures and yours look exceptionally good. We can still recall quite vividly a long weekend in Plymouth 30 years ago where we had the best pasties ever (I know it's Devon, not Cornwall, but it's close)!
    The stonework is indeed wonderful.

  2. Oh WOW on both accounts. The workshop looks amazing and I can smell those Cornish pasties from here, my mouth is watering LOL. Diane xx

  3. Forgot to say I love your new header of the geese. Diane xx

  4. Workshop looks like it has always been there - fantastic. As always you have decorated it already - noted the lovely pots of plants outside.

  5. Craig the best pastie I can ever remember having was on the Gower coast in Wales - nowhere near Cornwall either!!
    Thanks Diane, the pasties were fab and thanks for your continued nice comments on the workshop. I thought it was time for a change of photo. Not sure if Tess will be happy about that!!
    Mags thanks to your man it looks fab - and sorry you missed out on the pastie - will make some more and deliver them to youxxxx

  6. Hope Tess does not sulk....

    I made pasties in preparation for a picnic with friends...many suspicious looks until Julio said

    'They're English empanadas'..and then they disappeared like lightning.

    Yours look very tempting...I think I'll make some for lunch tomorrow.

  7. I'm going to have to google empanadas now Helen!! Next time I make pasties I am going to call them that just so that they sound more exotic!!xx


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