Thursday, 25 August 2011

Please work!!!

I'm writing this on the word processor part of the computer - as every time I go online the computer goes completely haywire and starts playing up before crashing completely. That's something else we are going to have to find the money for then. Bummer.

So I have to apologise to those who have been trying to contact us, not least Jase who has been doing some online research on 'how to get rid of bastard foxes' (I added the bastard bit) because our local fox is still on the prowl and managed to get an escapee chicken the other day. The run looks like Colditz at the moment with the electric fence around, but it's that or get rid of the poultry altogether.

Also apologies to Diane, a fellow blogger who came over to meet us and the animals last week, who very kindly provided us with some home grown vegetables and preserves and wrote a lovely blog about her visit. You can find her post at


I have no idea how to do one of those neat little links, but I hope you can copy and paste the above and read about her day - she also kindly omitted to mention that whilst we were practicing our musical ride I was rather unspectacularly dumped off my horse when it spooked at something, particularly embarrassing as I had been going on and on about how brilliant and calm and unshakable the fresian breed is!!!!!!
Still, apart from finding sand in parts of my anatomy that should remain sandless I was practically unscathed.

Every time I tried to go online and thank Diane for her lovely emails after her visit my computer had a spaz and I was unable to send anything.

The boys are progressing well with the workshop, and several people are stopping to congratulate them on their work which is nice. By way of a bit of a treat we went out with Keith and Mags last night to try a "Food of the world" restaurant in Limoges.
I was so looking forward to a nice spicy indian or thai. It seems though, that the food was distinctly mellowed down for the French palate, and as a consequence was rather bland. They did serve Kangaroo though rather bizarrely which was ok but a bit strange.

Right I am going to try and upload this and a photo of the workshop. If you have read this it will have been successful and frankly a bit of a miracle, so if I don't blog or reply to any comments please don't think I am ignoring you or can't be bothered!!!!


  1. Computers would drive you mad...once you need them they start to play up...expensively!

    That 'shed' is turning from ugly duckling to swan before our very eyes...no wonder the men look so happy.

    Pity about the food....I found that when I bought Tabasco in France it was much milder than the U.K. variety which was a real pain having to readjust how much I used without going over the top.
    The only Indian restaurant here is wildly expensive, so it's DIY all over again if we want to eat something spicy.

  2. Luckily Neil is a bit of a dab hand at cooking curries - so maybe it is just that I have been spoilt!!!!xx

  3. Still enthused about that stonework on the workshop, and it was lovely to see a photo of you over on Diane's blog. Hope you did not suffer physically after your evacuation from the saddle, and I would love one of those friesan horses but I can't ride, and probably never will in this lifetime. Perhaps in my next I will be able to, (and this is something I have said frequently whenever horses are mentioned in blogs!)

  4. Yeah, we are really chuffed with it too. I was fine post fall other than a bit of sand-rash!!!!
    get on there and ride!!!

  5. Hi Roz sorry that the computer is still playing up, expensive hobby when they go wrong. I wish you were just a little closer I picked a whole bag of vegetables today and my freezer is full. The quince tree dropped a 'too heavy' branch the other night, so I have quinces coming out of my ears as well. I also discovered that the figs are just about ready as well today. It never rains but it pours!!!!
    Please tell Neil I am impressed as to how much he has done on the workshop since I saw it, the stone work is looking fantastic.
    Take care and stay in the saddle next practice :-) Diane xx

  6. I hear what you're saying about curries in France. After one too many bland meals out we gave up. Perhaps in Paris, but not in rural France. Lucky you that Neil makes good curries!

  7. I don't think I have ever had a quince Diane - how long did it take to drive over?!!!
    Neil was pleased that you thought he had made some progress, he just wants to get it finished!
    Craig, rural France is a bit disappointing on the gastronomic side of things. I think they are missing out, but they probably wouldn't think so!!

  8. I will keep some jars of confiture de coing for you. Therefore you will have to come and visit. The quince jelly is also excellent but I only make two jars of jelly to about 5 or 6 jars of jam.

  9. No problem Diane - we were scoffing your prune jam yesterday and Neil said "she should be very proud of that!!!" xxxx


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