Sunday, 28 August 2011

Here are some more workshop pictures that I have just taken - it is really coming on.
Everyone thinks it is far too good to be a workshop, but for us this holds the key to the rest of the house being done, and with the value of hindsight is what we should have done first right from the word go - apart from the stable for my beloved horse Amber of course!!

Talking of stable, the computer seems to have (touch wood) become a lot more stable. I am not sure if it is the programs I have been downloading - but I have a sneaky suspicion that foul play may have been an issue. It suddenly occurred to me that at the time I was having such problems with the internet our phone and internet provider had been trying to flog us extra internet security options. I'm not sure if I am being a tad paranoid but it does seem strange that now we have told them finally that we won't be purchasing the extra cover that the problem seems to have sorted itself out.....

Our musical ride practice went ok this week, although it was no less dramatic. Dutch Bird decided to try the two mares who have foals in the ride, so as I and my boss Sam rode the two mares, the two foals were doing flat out loops of the school as we were riding. They looked magnificent and it seemed the mares were glad to have a bit of a break from their offspring!! I did manage to stay on board this time which was a bit of a result.


  1. I think you might be right about
    A...the shed....I remember too many projects surrounded by stuff that should have been stored and works going on in the house which would have been better done elsewhere


    B the computer. We had that when we were with France Telecom and when we changed to Alice - sick of the bad service and the offers of better service for more money - it stopped.

  2. Hindsight and wonderful things spring to mind. I can't quite bring myself to believe they would sabbotage our connection but this is the land of customer service *cough* !!xx

  3. You mean to tell me the Dutch Bird is still walking around, I find it hard to believe LOL.
    Glad that you stayed put but I can just imagine how upset the two youngsters were.
    As for the computer, I cannot believe that an internet provider would do that but..... OK I am a bit naive. But the fly said about Alice I had that when first here and that was a disaster!!
    I have left the work shop last on purpose - I am impressed, impressed, impressed, did I mention that I was impressed :-) Great stuff I will have to come on another visit to bring some jam anyway now the figs are ready as well. Diane xx

  4. Your workshop looks great, not dissimilar to the interior of our Half Barn in which we now sleep. (Hooray for the demise of caravan life!) The photos also inspire us. Only yesterday Lester said that he wanted to build the staircase. Why, I said. Because Roz's husband built his! He apparently has a growing desire to build things, some of which has been inspired by following your progress!

  5. That workshop is well... a piece of work :)
    It's rather wonderful. Glad your computer is behaving. It drives me up the wall when ours decides to have a tantrum!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments about the workshop - I can see Neil glowing with pride as he is really chuffed with it.
    Diane Dutch bird is indeed still walking around and not at all happy. She wants the baby out now, but it isn't due until 1st September so she is playing the waiting game impatiently!!
    Vera the half barn is looking fab, and thanks for saying we have been inspiring you - you really have been busy bees of late.
    Craig Sometimes I just want to throw the damn computer out of the window, but I don't know what I would do without it at the same time (probably get a lot more done in the house!!) or be out taking wonderful photos like the one on your blog - I will get round to commenting xx


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