Friday, 5 August 2011

Today is almost unbearably close and muggy - energy sappingly so, and work was a bit of a struggle this morning. It was quite exciting to use the horsewalker for the first time though - I so wished I had taken my camera.

We put an irish showjumper mare in and also a little childs pony that is short and fat and very lazy (bit like myself). I was glad it wasn't me in there as the pony struggled to keep up with the pace of the irish mare and unceremoniously got a tap on its arse as the horsewalker arm swung round keeping the horses up to speed!! My idea of hell really.

I have had a real blast from the past this week, courtesy of a facebook group for the equitation centre where I trained for my British Horse Society exams back in 1983. This video must have been filmed at about that time, as the instructors and the horses are the same.

The centre had been used to train our Olympic team back in the year dot, and the yard and horses were kept to an unbelievably high standard - I once got dismissed from a riding class for having a blade of straw on the underside of my riding boot. It certainly gave me a good grounding in all things equestrian, but the video is unbelievably 'jolly hocky sticks' and I would only bother watching it if you are really into horses!!

In the last week the two fresian foals have been born, a colt and a filly. the filly is full sister to my yearling colt Appie - so it will be interesting to watch her progress. Here are some photos for you and also one of the three stallions that are in my field. At ages 2,3 and four it is somewhat unbelievable that they are co-existing harmoniously and says a lot about the fresian breed.

They probably can't take each other seriously with these ridiculous face masks on!!


  1. Ha ha, love those face masks!!! I tried the video but my slow connection just cannot cope sadly. I hope to get to see the two foals very soon :-) Diane

  2. You would have loved it I think Diane - lets hope we can get that day sorted soon xx

  3. Lovely video!
    I'd love to ride again, but not western style and on these steep hills!

  4. Enjoyed the vid, loved the photos, and feel a tad on the envious side because I would have loved to ride but never did. Probably a bit on the 'past it' side now, so in my next life hopefully I shall be able to gallop with the wind.

  5. Come on ladies - it's never too late to get on a horse - I knew someone who learnt to ride in his 70's and was competing in dressage competitions. You only live once!!


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