Friday, 22 January 2010

And back I go....

It was another beautiful morning this morning in the Limousin - a smattering of frost dusted the fields and glittered under the sun which shone in a clear blue sky.
Shame I had to marvel at it on the way to the bloody airport to bring me back to blighty.

As we made our way out to the runway the pilot cheered us all up by telling us that the weather in London was 'not like it is out here, very poor visibility' and he wasn't lying - we saw the runway a few short seconds before we landed on it with a typical Ryanair hairy landing - all the passengers momentarily looking for something to grab hold of so that they can put their teeth (and any other loose objects) back in and grab a lifejacket for the upcoming emergency exit.

I then had to share a coach from Stansted with, from what I could gather, mostly Polish and German passengers, and I began to feel a bit like a foreigner in my home country. Mind you I felt like pretending to be foreign as their obvious and understandable disgust for the sheer amount of litter and filth that was strewn around the motorways and roads on the way to London became apparent. They only cheered up as we drove past Billingsgate and over Tower Bridge and all the familiar landmarks came into view. It is an amazing city even in this dreadful depressing weather.

The purpose of this trip is to get signed off as a trainer for difibrillation machines. Just another thing so we have a few irons in the fire should the day job not work out!


  1. Oh safe journeying, Roz, and I hope that Ryanair are kinder to you on your return home!

  2. Oh dear, my standards can´t be too high, I liked my one and only Ryanair trip.

  3. I don't normally complain about Ryanair despite the landings!
    As we are lucky enough to be flexible you get some amazing bargains with the flights and it normally costs more to travel on from Stansted than it costs to fly there, so I'm not really knocking it!!

  4. rozzy must try and sort some dates out maybe march if your both not too busy and ill brave ryan air and come packing goodies......wine beers and errrr wine maybe some sausages and HEINZ beans too !! hope your both well

  5. no worries Jase if you take us as you find us (which could possibly mean camping!!!)


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