Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dry Hands and Chapped Lips

Roz has very thoughtfully signed me up as a contributer to her blog as she believes I will enjoy it. As her husband I'm ashamed to confess to not being her number one reader. When Roz started writing her entries she did so without telling me and so I illogically assumed it was a rather private, diary like thing, shared only with the entire internet family. Since those early days I have taken more notice of Roz's entries and how much she seems to enjoy connecting with people. She writes a very witty, realistic and touching account of our times in France and has made some virtual friends in the process. (Thanks for your support during troubled times Helen and Vera) So tonight I will make my first contribution to our written record of events and this has been made all the easier to do as Big Brother has just started and I really can't be doing with any more reality. I came here to escape all that!!!

Roz may have entitled our blog " Dirty Feet and rubble in my hair" but recently I have been having entirely different anatomical problems. Im not sure about Roz's title but I am absolutely sure that "Black Bogeys, dry and blistered hands and chapped lips" would not have drawn many readers to our site. None the less, after two days of continuous sawing of old and frozen wood that is the situation I find myself in. I have been driven, mainly by meaness , to build our kitchen entirely from reclaimed timber. From doing this I get a residual benefit of feeling a distint degree of greeness. Obviously I offer this as the primary reason when talking with people about our current project but any one who knows me would see right through this. Either way, I have hoovered up a substantial amount of oak and chestnut in the past 48 hours and will be glad to start bashing a few of these bits of wood together pretty soon. The dry hands and chapped lips bit I think would currently apply to 90 percent of the Limousin so I cant make any fuss about that but it did quite nicely finish off my strap line. I think I need to learn to write more succinctly as does my missus. that will do for now.


  1. Well done, for posting your first blog, Neil. It is nice to meet you, and you will get into the swing of it. Lester, my partner, thought the same as you did in the beginning, but, like you, he has realised that it is a good way of looking back at what we have achieved. Plus making friends as well.
    I am so awed by your efforts in the kitchen. We are still at the stage of having others do the work for us, and are putting the exterior to rights first. Which means big money going out on the roofs. It is nice to read about what progress others are making, and give me much encouragement.

  2. Thanks for your welcome message Vera. I have had a look at your place and it looks every bit worth the effort. Dont forget the factor 30 ! Neil


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