Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I don't know if anyone else in France has problems with delivery companies but it seems a frequent hassle for us.
We had a call last week from a company who were due to deliver some slate flooring to verify our address. Blimey I thought, a company on the ball for once who are not swearing blind that our hamlet doesn't exsist.
However this week we had a further call from the slate company to say that the delivery company were having trouble getting hold of us (although they had reached us on their first attempt?!).
We ended up having a stream of phone calls with the company before the truck turned up today with one disgruntled delivery driver to unload three pallets of hugely heavy slate with only a tail lift and a dodgy trolley.
As the tail lift had no kind of barrier and the driver had parked on a downhill slope I waited with bated breath while Neil and the driver tried to maneuver the pallets precariously towards the precipice at the back of the truck.
Somehow they all made it safely onto our property, where they were unceremoniously dumped just within our gate. The driver was having a severe sense of humour failure and seemed to think it was our fault that his company had sent him on this ridiculous errand.
So now the slate will be sitting there, probably for months, blocking the front of the house until we are finally ready to lay it. Yet another example of French (lack of) customer service.


  1. Oh dear. I sympathise with your annoyance. But look on the bright side. You have the slate and none of it's damaged. Result!

  2. Ditto Tommo, and perhaps it might add motivation to your floor laying project. Have any ideas for helping my Hubs into getting on with the wall project in our halfbarn? Suggestions welcome!

  3. Tommo - I haven't unpacked it yet so am not counting chickens!! and Vera - I will give it some thought......!


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