Sunday, 17 January 2010

Beggars cannot be choosers!

I'm having slight difficulty in typing this today as there appears to be a cat welded to my chest with an almost gravity defying grasp. Luckily the clothing I have on is thick enought to support the weight of cat hanging on with only several claws for grip. Its not even the kitten but the cat that came with the house. Neil says we bought a very expensive cat and the house came free...
She was very skinny when we got here, but now she is rather portly and fits in with our family rather well.

Today I started a job! hallelujah! It is working on a local stud farm and I am hoping that it will alleviate at least some of our cash flow problems in that I should be able to venture into Intermarche slightly more often than we have of late.

The plan was that in the New Year we were going to go on a major health kick - but then we visited Sainsburys just before we came back and Richmonds's sausages were reduced from £1.65 to 30p per pack. So we bought all the packets on the reduced shelf, and then got home to realise just exactly how much we had spent during our UK trip and how broke we are, and so now we are living almost exclusively on...yes, you guessed it.....sausages!! And value baked beans. Although it has to be said there are people living here who would kill for that meal. Perhaps not every day though.


  1. Beans and sausages - luverly! Know exactly how you feel about being skint. Whoever said "the best things in life are free" was talking rubbish. He/she obviously didn't hanker after champagne, whisky, Ducatis, Ferraris, (this list is endless) like wot proper chaps and chapesses do. Better get back to my stale bread and out-of-date fromage...

  2. Is it possible to have out of date fromage? Neil still eats it even if he has to scrape and inch of mould off first!!


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