Monday, 18 January 2010


In todays spectacular display of ineptitude I managed to superglue my hand together.

I had had a Neil style paddy because I fitted a new wing mirror to my car and the door lining refused to go back into place. Neil style paddies involve shouting, swearing,and normally kicking of inanimate objects, and then I tried to glue the rear view mirror back into the car (after it got knocked off several months ago).

The mirror resolutely refused to stick itself to the windscreen, but I had a slight panic as when I pulled my hand away some of the glue had seeped down and I had what appeared to be a slight case of webbed hand.
I 'googled' how to remove superglue from skin (with enormous difficulty due to aforementioned webbed digits) and found that the remedy was supposedly nail varnish remover.

Nail varnish isn't something I use a lot of since I became ferral and moved to France, so it was probably because the remover was old and out of date that it didn't work, so I have spent all day picking at the crusty bits of glue on my fingers.


  1. Am laughing fit to bust at the moment, Roz, as this is something I am quite likely to do as well. My tummy is shivering with laughter! (Thought you would like to know that!)
    I've gone 'feral' as well. Gone are the skirts, pretty shoes, hair washed every day, exfoliation done regularly, in short: pristine is how I once looked. But that was over a year and half ago. In the cold weather the same thermals stay on day and night until they complain about needing to go in the wash, my hair is washed every few months (good job it is done up in a bun), and confirms in a sort of way that hair will self clean if left to get on with it, and 'farm girl' look is heavily 'in - trousers, boots, fleeces.
    Being 'feral' is the bestest thing!
    Hope your fingers have become unglued by the time you read this.

  2. yes thanks Vera nail polish remover and hot soapy water did the trick - Also I managed to take a layer of clothes off today it was so mild - hurrah! Roll on Spring!!


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