Friday, 8 January 2010

Its snow joke....

We arrived home late in the afternoon and Tess was very glad the ordeal was over. She was much better on the way back, but it was still a trial and she was overjoyed to be able to round up the ducks and chickens and be free of the van. Neil was glad to be back too and to be off the payage - which he thought was run by (and I quote) "greedy robbing bastards". It was a tad expensive with the van but I wanted to be home asap to shorten Tess's (and our) journey and was not about to take diversions on the already long and torturous drive.

The house was absolutely freezing and ice was making very attractive patterns on the inside of the windows in the hall. We gratefully slid off to our friends house to spend the night and they had been round to our house, picked up our duvet and warmed it in front of their fire. There is no greater mark of friendship!!

The next day we fired up both our fires and tried to raise the temperature above freezing as the snow began to steadily fall. I had childlike excitement at the thought of getting snowed in and we checked the freezer to see what supplies we have in the event of being stranded. I think we will be living on sausages and the cider we made in the autumn should a trip to the village become impossible.

Today Neil is plumbing in the new sink whilst I am unpacking, tidying up and trying to make sure all the animals have enough feed and unfrozen water to keep them going.
Tam is back home and looks fantastic. More cat than kittenlike and although he still has a runny eye he looks very healthy so I am delighted. Tess, Tam and Romey are all in front of the fire in prime positions so I doubt we will get anywhere near it tonight.

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  1. Sausages and cider...I could settle for that!

    Mr. Fly is like your husband about the motorways.
    When we go to Belgium to visit the family, we are forbidden to get onto the French motorways until nearly at the frontier, and last time he even managed to escape the last toll section with a bit of nifty mapwork.
    The Belgian ones are OK....they're free AND they have lights!
    The mapwork is OK...I know our route by heart, but there are three nightmares in three separate towns which reduce me to panic as soon as I see the towns signed up ahead!
    Let alone the judgement whether to go through two others or round the ringroad, depending on traffic, timing and temper!
    I am so glad to arrive in Brussels alive and undivorced!


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