Saturday, 9 January 2010


Its still bitterly cold out there, and the snow has been falling all day. We are not exactly 'snowed in' but we are using it as an excuse to drink mulled wine and pretend that we are.

Neil has had a frustrating day trying to sort out the plumbing for the sink. He got to a point where he was calling himself all the derogatory names under the sun (or more acurately the thick, snow leaden cloud) and so we pulled on several layers of fleece and headed out for a walk. After our trip to the UK we had decided it would do us both good to get fitter and that it would be good for Tess to walk more, and today the countryside was so beautiful in the snow. The French don't seem to go in for walking their dogs much, they are more usually tied up outside around here, so it's like we have the place to ourselves.

Clever hubby has just finished installing the sink - a work of art that he made himself for the sink I bought for £50 on ebay. Now it is useable I am hoping that my first attempt at tiling does not let it down.

So the kitchen is slowly coming together, it is starting to look very posh with the dresser I bought for my 40th birthday now in situ. We picked it up from my parents house where it has been residing since that birthday three, nearly four years ago. I thought I was going to have a struggle on removing it from the house, so attached has my Mother been to it, but hastily replacing it with a Christmas tree three days before Christmas did the trick. You can see it in the picture of the animals taking pride of place by the fire.

The swearing has started again and I believe there may be a leak.... must go!!


  1. It all looks so cosy.....let there not be a leak!

  2. thanks Helen. We have half of one room thats cosy. It's clever photography!!

  3. Nice to see inside your home, Roz, and am impressed by its homeliness. We didn't end up by getting much snow, but very cold. Hope plumbing holds up, - love that sink!


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