Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow longer here (did you see what I did there?)

As fast as the snow appeared the rain came and took it all away. I have to admit to being slightly disappointed to see it go, but I guess it makes life a bit easier.

Today I have been insulating with James Morrison. Well I was doing the work and James was singing on my CD player. Luckily for Neil it is a new album I am not familiar with, so I was unable to accompany it by singing (some would say wailing) along at the top of my voice.

I felt sympathy with the Christmas turkey by the end of the afternoon, so accustomed was I to being wrapped in silver tin foil. I was very careful around the chimney stack not to damage any of Christinas pargetting.

Christina said that I would keep noticing things that she had put in the design and today I noticed a 'C', tucked around the corner in the lime render, which I will add to the list of a mouse, a salamander and a paw for Tess... surely there can't be any more to see in the design I have looked at a hundred times!!


  1. He he he, sneaky Huh? but you spotted them all.
    Glad you both actually like what I did to your chimney breast. Must say I truely enjoyed the rubble & mouse shit in the hair Ja Ja experience, should market it as a team building event. All the best - hugs - Christina

  2. That chimney stack looks divine, Roz, and I think anyone messing about with silver foil all day deserves to be able to have loads of sing-a-long moments with James Morrison. For myself: todays project was cleaning out a donated cooker left in my friend's newly purchased house by an elderly man who was the recent inhabitant and is now a dearly departed. So we can't ask him why the bottom drawer of the cooker was full of bird's wings. Mmmmm. Odd! With a clear mental imprint of you bopping about as you insulate, je vais!

  3. I love the chimney Tina - and show it off proudly to all visitors!!
    Vera - we found old slippers and mouse poo in the bottom drawer of our cuisiniere - there is a lot of mouse poo here - as Tina will tell you!!


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