Monday, 26 April 2010

Barbeque time!

Obviously the sun has been shining almost non stop since we put up our ingenious rain trapping system.
Neil decided on Saturday night that it would be a good idea to have a barbeque on Sunday and to invite some friends over. I did wonder if this was his way of trying to influence the weather and get it to rain, but I didn't have long to ponder this as I had to try and get the house into a vaguely presentable state.

It is just as well that our friends are very used to 'taking us as they find us', as turning up here means wading through mountains of dust and the woodchips that Tess the dog helpfully brings in from the workshop after she has spent some time under Neils' workbench.

Then they may have the luxury of eating a meal cooked on the camping stove, which is positioned just in front of my super duper range cooker that Neil will not allow me to unwrap whilst work is continueing.

If they wish to visit the loo whilst here that means climbing up the ladder and ducking under a chest height beam, whilst keeping to the side of the landing to avoid the void that will be full of staircase at some point.

Still, we must be doing something right as we had six friends over who were happy enough to put up with all of the above.

I had cleared the patio of all the normal things - lengths of timber, digger buckets, sand etc etc and scrubbed the table of chicken and duck poo. I de-cobwebbed the chairs and then dragged a body bag out of the piggeries.

Yes that's right, a body bag. Damn useful actually for all my chair covers. Every home should have one!!

It did vaguely threaten to rain at one point, but not enough for even a dribble to enter the pool. Still Neil has managed to get enough plumbing bits together to hopefully get an outside tap organised so that we can fill it up from the mains, after which I am sure the heavens will open.


  1. Love the body bag idea, but not available from local supermarkets though! And you have a 'super duper range cooker'. Wow! Wood fuelled? or multi? We are supposed to getting one of those, a wood one, but not anytime soon, roofs and animals being the financial priority. Still, I do have a donated gas cooker which is Ok now I am used to it. Happy BBQ's and swims in your pool. It is certainly hot enough to do dunk oneself in water.

  2. Hi Vera - well it is super dooper to me after the camping stove - electric oven and gas hob. Not one of those that heat the house but it has wok burners and all sorts. I won't know myself!!!

  3. Bbq weather has certainly arrived, not that we've had one yet. Hope you enjoyed yours!

  4. it was lovely thanks Jan!xx


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