Saturday, 17 April 2010

We are enjoying glorious spring days at the moment and I took this picture of one of our pear trees today because the blossom is so wonderful

I've got quite a few veggies growing in my raised beds, which are made out of old apple storage boxes which are at an ideal waist height, but rather on the small side. They will have to do until the polytunnel goes up

Things are a tad more stressful for Neil, who is entering the complex winder part of the staircase. Fred came over again today to guide him through and help set it up - but I can tell from Neils' furrowed brow that this is testing the grey matter somewhat....

To give him a break this evening I dragged him off to a local lake so that we could give Tess a run and some well deserved attention. She loves sticks and swimming - so this lake is her idea of heaven


  1. Lovely action photo of Tess. Jasper loves water too, being a Labrador, but he very rarely gets to any poor thing and has to make do with muddy puddles at this time of year. Good luck to Neil with that complex turn.

  2. Well that cheered me up! I wasn't looking forward to coming back to France, but the spring photographs reminded me of what we miss inthe tropics.

    Lovely pics!

  3. glad you both enjoyed the photos - I love this time of year


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