Sunday, 11 April 2010

Under Pressure

Poor Neil is working almost non stop to try and get this staircase sorted. Time is ticking on and apart from the staircase he also has to make a gate for our friend Keith, who has been an absolute star helping us here and needs the gate for his gite before the arrival of guests with a dog, but this has added to the pressure of work before Neils' impending trip to the UK.

Neil got dragged off fishing by Alan yesterday - and although he loves fishing he is so driven by the staircase it must have been difficult for him to enjoy the afternoon spent quietly by the lake.

This afternoon we had a visit from Alan and his wife Mel. They are in that difficult 'in between' stage of moving out here. Living in the UK with their heart here in their home in the Limousin, but wanting to prepare fully for the move before jumping straight in. They are off back to blighty tomorrow and Al in particular looked like every inch of him wanted to stay. We had a chat and a few glasses of wine with them, but as soon as they had departed Neil was back to the workshop like a rat up a drainpipe. The result though is illustrated in the next photograph...

Daa - Dahhhh!! The first flight of stairs roughly put together!!

We don't live in a very short house - this flight is the first of a complicated set of stairs.


  1. Great step forward, you two. Soon you will be running up those stairs to your first floor. Us, we don't have a first floor so stairs are not applicable to us!

  2. It is going to be a lot better than the staircase installed recently at a French friend's house. He, ex councillor, always uses local artisans, despite the protests of his wife.
    The staircase artist managed to misjudge or mismeasure with the result that there is a jolting drop from the landing to the first step....it doesn't do to be half seas over when going upstairs to the bathroom in that house!

  3. Luckily we have a staircase expert overseeing Neil so hopefully we wont have the same problem Helen - fingers crossed!!! and Vera - I always liked the idea of one floor living - no stairs to hoover... always a good idea!!

  4. Well done to him! It's going to look great.


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