Sunday, 4 April 2010

Crispy duck

This week my absolute priority is to finish fenceing off the garden. The ducks are having a bit of a laugh and we keep finding them in the house (now that they have a pretty archway to come through from the barn).
I had thought it was just because Neil was leaving the barn doors open that they were such regular visitors, but no, they must be limboing under the doors as I just went into the hallway and there were two ducks, horror of horrors, sitting on the pile of wood that is to become our staircase. I tried to gently persuade them off but oh no, they had to do it, a big squelchy poo was left on top of one of our treads to be.
Its just as well Neil isn't here because if he had witnessed that heinous crime it is a pretty sure bet at least one of them would be crispy and sandwiched between a pancake with some spring onion, cucumber and hoi sin sauce this evening.

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  1. Goodness, I hope duck poo doesn't stain!


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