Friday, 23 April 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention......

As summer is fast approaching we are not going to let little things like a lack of outside (or inside come to think of it) hose attachment stand in the way of getting the inflatable pool sorted. This is our answer to hopefully free filling of the pool.

I had a bit of a shock last night when I visited our en-suite in the early hours of this morning - I looked up and noticed the velux was open which is a bit of a worry as there had been an orage forcast - only to spot Tams face poking through the hole in the roof. Our accident prone kitten on the roof was not what I wished to see that or any other time of the night - cue restless night worrying about him getting down again. Honestly.


  1. Out on the tiles, was he? Must be feeling better.

  2. Great innovation for water flow into the pool, also nice to see an outside photo as well. We don't have a pool of any sort, although I do go and paddle in the River Adour which borders our land when it gets too hot. Hope you get some water to fill the pool, and hope we get some rain to water our veg plot.

  3. Very good Helen! Yes, he is a right tearaway these days and it is very entertaining to see him chasing Tess around the garden.
    Vera - glad you like our hotchpotch of rain entrapment equipment but I would get some watering cans out if I were you! What a pain!

  4. When I first saw the first picture and then read your second paragraph I thought it was a nifty escape from the roof route for Tams LOL :)

  5. oh my god - I hadn't even thought about that (((((panic!!!))))


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