Saturday, 3 April 2010


If you were to see me today I would probably have a slightly dazed, confused, but nonetheless happy expression on my face. The reason being that the permission has come through for our extension. Just like that. Nothing was missing, everything was acceptable, and permission has been granted. Wierd, strange, gobsmackingly amazing.

It took us months to prepare all the necessary paperwork, a few visits to the Mairie, a few looks at other peoples' plans, many hours of exasperation and the help of our french speaking friends. The reason it took so long was just blind belief that whatever we did, it wouldn't be good enough.

The last thing we asked permission for (the stables) ended up being a nightmare, we had to provide further paperwork a few times before everything was complete, so naturally and especially this being France, I had just expected that this permis de construire would follow the same course.

Well there you go.

At work this morning I found myself in 'charge' of three new french colleagues. I surpassed myself by teaching them how to handle horses and a few choice English swear words. In return my pronunciation has improved and I now have chickens rather than pullovers. (A long story but as I was sweeping up spilt feed from the floor I told them I was going to feed it to my pullovers, not chickens apparently)

At home all is progressing and there is an air of optimism - the stairs have been started and we have an archway between the hall and the barn.

Now that we have permission for the garage/workshop it means that we can look ahead to the barn actually being a lounge in the not too distant future, but as that also means I need to complete yet another permis to construire for change of use of the barn I am not counting my pullovers (sorry chickens).


  1. Well done, you obviously did the paperwork right!

  2. thanks Jan, still cant quite believe it!! Happy easter!x


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