Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Tam was nowhere to be seen last night, but to be honest I didn't worry too much, as now he is in (touching wood as I type) good health, he is getting more and more adventurous and less dependant on us.

However when he was not wailing at our bedroom door at eight oclock this morning, Neil and I started to get a feeling of unease. Like most animals meal times are pretty sacred to this fella and such was Neils' unease he went downstairs and walked up and down the road scanning for flattened cat in the road and ditches dressed only in a small towel.

I carried on the search, scanning the barns, rooves, sheds, fields, wood and cellar but finally I gave up as it seemed like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. I felt pretty upset and as the last time he went missing he came back with his face split open was wondering what on earth had befallen the little fella.

As I arrived back at the house there, telling me what for, was the little buggar, demanding a late petit-dejeuner. Animals eh - who'd have them
(my question mark still isn't working!)


  1. Was it Kipling? Giving your heart for a dog to tear?

    And cats.

  2. Any animal really!!! I am a complete sop.

  3. Helen you were right - it was Kipling, I googled it and had never read it before, how right he was, thank you for widening my education!

  4. Gussy went chasing ducks down the river a few days ago. Perishing ducks kept just ahead of him, which looked like they were playing with him. He was so fixated by the need to catch them that he blocked out my calls to come back. He then disappeared round a bend in the river. Couldn't follow him because of the terrain, which was woodland. Home I went, worrying about that little mut. Six hours later and a very bedraggled Gus returned. Wow, but I was pleased to see him! Animals really do tug at your heart strings, don't they! I thought we had lost him.

  5. We used to look after a welsh springer spaniel, she used to go spookily deaf whilst on a walk and only ever came back when SHE was good and ready!!


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