Sunday, 23 May 2010


I had to borrow a camera to share this with you.
A little colt (male) foal born about half three this morning. Need names beginning with A if you are feeling inspired.
Gorgeous isn't he!!


  1. To judge from his expression..better call him Alfie
    as in
    'What's it all about,Alfie?'
    What a great boost to see these photographs...thank you. Spring is here at last.

  2. So cute! Albert... said with french accent.

  3. He's gorgeous isn't he. I will forward your suggestions to his owner thank you x

  4. Brilliant couple of nags. Er..., Afro, Arabesque, Avalanche, Agricola, Aztec, Allez, or... I've always liked the word 'Ananas'.

  5. Lovely photos, Roz. Can't suggest any names, though, as have been on the PC all afternoon trying to find out what to do with the pile of fleece I now have after the weekend shearing, and my brains are addled. Or it could be my age. Or the heat. Or anything really. But nice photos!

  6. AIOLOS? It means 'nimble, quick moving', and is the name for the Greek god of the winds - not sure how to pronounce it though!

  7. thanks Tommo and Anonymous - there are some definate maybes there, really different too!
    Do you knit Vera!!


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