Friday, 28 May 2010

Stupid bird!

I got home from work this afternoon and did my usual rounds checking on all the beasts at chez moi, and found that the hen that had been sitting on nine eggs had managed to tip all the eggs out of the nest, breaking one and damaging some of the others. This must have sent her into a state of shock as she was sitting trance like on precisely nothing.

I had a hunt round and found seven more fresh eggs, and arranged them in a deep nest of hay and put them back into her box, wedging them with more hay so that the same thing can't happen again.
I decided to cut her some slack, as she is not quite one year old yet and this is the first time she has gone broody.

I am still without camera, which is driving me nuts as I snap away all the time normally. I keep looking out for bargains on the Internet, but even the bargains aren't in my current price bracket. Remind me to buy a lottery ticket!!

The horse that arrived a couple of days ago has settled in and is now investigating means of escape. I found her in the garden when I got home (as one of us had been a bit lapse at shutting an internal gateway). I say garden, but in truth it is a wilderness behind the house and could do with a bit of equine mowing.
I have asked her owner what she is called and she said a completely unpronounceable dutch name, so at the moment I am just going out for cuddles and calling her 'gorgeous'.


  1. I loved this photograph...nomatter whose camera took it.

  2. Thank you! It was taken on Neils' 40th birthday when we hired a gite and invited a party of family & friends for the weekend.
    For the celebratory meal I used garlic as place settings. I always liked that photo too.

  3. I don't think chickens have much in the way of a brain! I wonder if she'd tried to get them back in the nest, failed and then been completely stumped?

  4. Aw, bless you chicken for her obviously traumatised state, and bless you for trying to help her along in her learning of 'how to make and hatch sucessfully a brood of chicks'. Looking forward to you finding another camera so we can see your flock. I don't seem to be able to write a blog unless I have a photo to go with it, and felt lost when my old camera died. Hope you find a new one soon.

  5. An unpronounceable horse, Hmmmmm, I think invent your own name. Our cheap cameras, we bought one each because they were so cheap, we bought on the internet from Tesco but we had to collect them. That could be a problem for you unless you have someone there who can do it for you. Diane

  6. Tescos! good idea - will go on the internet immediately!!xx

  7. Looking forward to you getting another camera. Bit risky but maybe a good second-hand one from eBay?

  8. Me too Tommo but in regards to your suggestion I have given up buying second hand electricals from ebay - I had a couple of dodgy 'reconditioned' laptops from ebay and decided it was better & cheaper to go to tescos and get a new one with a guarantee.


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