Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Winter appears to come back and it is howling an absolute gale outside. At least that gives me the perfect opportunity to get on with the inside jobs that I keep putting off in a vague attempt to get a tan (no chance of that today or any other day soon by the look of the meteo).

I've finished putting the lime and sand mixture on our little torchis wall. It now needs a good tidy up and the wooden sections finishing off.
It's taken ages because I can't seem to perfect the technique and have ended up just squidging the mixture on with my hands and as a consequence it looks very rough. Authentic Neil says. Rough I say!!

I started on the right hand side so the sections on the left are still drying, hence the patchy dark sections.
Hopefully Keith is coming to render the wall with the arch in it, which no doubt he will make a fantastic job of and make mine look even rougher!! I don't mind though, I'm sure it will look fab once I have hung a few little bits and bobs on it!


  1. I'm sure the walls will look fine! Our house in the village is at the moment knee deep in dust from Steve sanding the paint off the beams, yuk!

  2. Roz, estufa is spanish for wood-burner! Sorry, I should have been clearer.


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