Saturday, 22 May 2010


I'd love to put a photo on of how the hall is looking but I can't because my camera has packed up. I can't believe it - rarely a day goes by normally without the camera being attached to my hand at some point or other, so now it feels very strange to be without it. I've had a look on the internet for a replacement, but they are all hugely expensive and it will just have to wait.
Also rather frustratingly, just as we want to release some of our money to move on with the work here the blimmin stock market crashes - was it waiting for us to finish the hall or what!!
I could be acquiring a new horse in the field next week - my friend has rung to say it might secretly appear and reading between the lines I think this is a horse she has had her eye on for some time and has bought without her husband knowing. Us women can be sneaky at times!!


  1. I think the world's stock markets just wait for me to want to do something and they come crashing down at once...
    Anyone out there who buys pundits' newsletters about trends could save a packet, just ring me up and ask if i'm thinking of any major changes in the near future....

  2. My camera did that to me last year - nothing is much more infuriating. As for the stock market well......................... Diane


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