Sunday, 9 May 2010

Come home Neil!!

Ok, I want Neil to come home now. I have been really busy with work, the house, the animals, other peoples' animals etc etc etc and running this place (and myself) is no mean feat for a person on their own.

I had a skype conversation with Neil this evening. He is decidedly worse for wear having been at the pub all afternoon and in celebration mode after his team (Chelsea) won some kind of championship or something (I am a very bad wife - I should probably know what they won).

The cats are continually hassling me for food and the eggs are piling up as, although I love having chickens, I don't eat eggs very often!! I have my very own easter egg hunt every day, as they seem to hunt a new exciting place to lay all the time.

A duck went missing again last night and I gave up looking for it. This morning it happily waddled out of the chicken house with all the hens.

I think I need Neil back to restore some order in this place!!


  1. This sounds like the norm if you have animals!! We have only a smallish garden, and having never been without animals in my life I find it very lonely. I am happy if I don't see a human for days/weeks but I really do miss my animals. They are fun, company and they never answer me back! Diane

  2. How about pickling the surplus eggs? I did some well over a year ago when we were hen-sitting for a friend, and they're still yummy.

  3. You're right Diane - I love my animals and you are never on your own when they are around - I'm not really lonely, although I do miss having Neil around, just a bit worn out!!!!
    Jan I have a rather large jar pretty full of pickled eggs - should I send you some lol!!!!!!

  4. You did make me smile, Roz. It is possible that Lester will have to go back to the UK to work, which means running this place on my own. Methinks I am likely to feel exactly as you do! I also love having the animals here, though. Makes me feel all cosy inside knowing they are tucked up for the night.

  5. Blimey Vera - does that mean promotion to chief sheperdess, what a responsibility!!


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