Sunday, 16 May 2010

I caught a carp today

I caught a very large carp today. A mirror carp apparently. I say I caught it, but basically I just reeled it in.

Margaret and Keith (he of ace stonework and tiling fame, she of extreemly homely gite fame - see link on left) suggested we had a days' fishing today and I agreed it was a good idea if only to give Neil a day away from the house, work, and all possible planning of jobs.

I took a good book (as I was prepared for a day of general boredom) but Neil suprised me by hooking two massive fish in fairly close succession.

"The next time one bites I want you to reel it in" he said. I recognised this as a thinly veiled attempt at getting me interested in the art of fishing - and went along with it. I managed a fairly long fight with a bloody huge fish, but it doesn't really float my boat so to speak.

We had been home for less than 2 minutes when the first invitation for drinks arrived and we went to Nicolines' for a few glasses of vino, whilst discussing the possible use of her lake.
Then we went home - supposedly for dinner and decided that our cock (ridiculously named Stiffy) was abusing one of the hens just a bit too much and decided to take said hen to live with our friend Judith (see previous blog) for a cock free existance.
This lead to even more drinking as Denis and Jane were already there having returned from their Spanish motorbiking adventure. I am already not looking forward to work tomorrow.....


  1. Do they make you put it back...or can you eat it? I've only ever done sea fishing, and loved it...not least because I go home with supper.

  2. No, it goes back in - I understand it is a cardinal sin amongst the English fishing fraternity to kill a carp, but a guy we met at the lake said that as the season goes on, it is more difficult to catch a large carp as they are disappearing onto French dinner tables when no-one is looking!

  3. And with good reason: well prepared, baked carp is delicious. They used to be a staple food at the monasteries which is why they all had fishponds.

  4. Sounds like you are having a grand time of it, Roz, making good friends and building great memories. Hope your week goes well.

  5. Neil has eaten carp in Romania Jon and agrees with you, but rules are rules (and only us Brits follow them here!) and thank you Vera - hope your week goes well too xx

  6. It is great that it is the two of you again. Nigel arrives on 25th, Volcano willing, so keeping fingers crossed. How is the head this morning? Diane

  7. It wasn't too bad thanks Diane - which is a good thing as the horses at work were on their toes this morning but possibly a bad thing as it means my body is a bit too used to large quantities of wine!!
    Good luck re the flights - I will have everything crossed for you!!

  8. Jon and Neil are right....well cooked, like a la juive, it is delicious.
    I've seen them in tanks at markets, but can't bear to buy them...their melancholy expressions put me off, so I've only eaten them in French households - where it is wiser not to enquire as to provenance.

  9. Ha! Love the name of your cockeral!


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