Monday, 24 May 2010

Mr Fox strikes again

My excitement at the birth of a new fresian was slightly tinged yesterday when I found a pile of feathers at the bottom of our field. The day before one of our ducks hadn't made it home and then yesterday this find led me to suspect the duck hadn't wandered off somewhere to sit on eggs, but had met a slightly more grizzly fate.

One of the things we love is to see how 'free range' our chickens and ducks are when they have liberty to head all over the field and down to the stream, but this comes at a price as I guess that they are prey to foxes.

So far we have lost remarkably few, so we had decided it was worth letting them have their freedom and I do hate to see birds 'cooped up' in tiny runs with no sustinance.
Maybe we will have to think again - at least until local foxes have finished feeding their cubs and the chasse reconvenes.

I have managed to fry my legs today by being a typical Brit in the sunshine and falling asleep on a lilo in our inflatable pool. I only woke up when I snored so loudly I nearly fell off the lilo. No doubt an uncomfortable night beckons!


  1. Do you think the fox had it in daytime..I seem to remember you shut them up at night?
    If so, it's fox cub time and you'll be best to keep them in.

    We once lost a full grown goose to a vixen...she struck at lunchtime, which the old boys told me is their habit in rural France...no one about.

  2. Oh, poor ducky... in fact poor you too!

  3. I think it was mid afternoon sort of time Helen - they were definately around at lunchtime and yes, we do shut them away at night. I suppose we should think about penning them in for a bit.
    Yes Jan - its a shame we have lost Gloria the duck!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your duck, Roz. But I think that having your poultry wandering all over the place is worth the risk of one or two of them ceasing to be no more. Like you, I wouldn't want to keep my chickens and ducks in a small run, but my neighbour does and has had all her chickens recently killed, at night as well and it wasn't by a fox. Think it was a weasel or somesuch. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your pool, and hope your sunburn eases soon.

  5. So sorry about the fox, but as you say foxes and free range are not the best combination! Hope the legs do not feel too bad today. Diane

  6. Vera has a point...we have had polecats...though they seems to go for the eggs, and mink are a perfect menace.


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